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Valeric Acid Powder

Latin name:
Valeriana officinalis L.
• 0.8% Valeric acid (HPLC)
Part Used:
• The roots ofValeriana officinalis L.
• cGMP, ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000, Kosher, Halal

1. Description of Valeric Acid Powder

Valeric Acid Powder is the dried roots extract of Valeriana officinalis L. It is yellow-brown free flowing powder with characteristic aroma and taste. Widely used in pharmaceutical, health care products, dietary supplements fields. 

Valeriana officinalis L. also known as sleeping plant, is a perennial flowering plan. It has traditionally been used as an effective herb for improving insomnia with its amazing calming and tranquilizing effects. Valeriana officinalis L. is harvested in autumn. Originally from Europe, it has been used as a medicinal plant for sleep since Greek times, and was widely used in the 19th century for muscle relaxation, anti-anxiety and sleeping. It has been included in the European Pharmacopoeia, the United States Pharmacopoeia, etc. As early as the 16th century, Valerian was used in Europe as a decoction tea to help sleep and prolong life. Valerian has been shown to promote sleep, sedation, and depression without side effects, comparing to hypnotics, its advantage is not paralyze the nerve, do not inhibit the excitability of the nerve. Valerian root gives off a strong odor, which comes from valeric acid, an active ingredient. There is a kind of neural conduction of ν amine butyric acid in the human brain, and valeric acid can promote the release of ν amine butyric acid in the brain cortex, so as to promote good sleep. Naturally extracted valeric acid is dark brown powder, slightly soluble in water, is a short-chain saturated fatty acid with the chemical formula C5H10O2. Also known as n-valeric acid, valerianic acid, etc.Valeric acid Powder manufacturers-AcetarValeric acid Powder bulk-Acetarchina Valeric acid Powder factory-Acetar