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Our Internal Laboratory

Quality Management Department

Acetar has set up a Quality Management Department, which is authorized by the general manager to be in charge of quality. The Quality Management Department consists of Quality Assurance Department (QA) and Quality Control Department (QC). QA Department 6 people, including 1 supervisor; QC Department 12 people, including a supervisor.

QA Department are responsible for on-site quality control of workshop in production area, warehouse and clean area, management of archive room of quality management, sample observation room, acceptance and sampling of production process, incoming raw materials and packaging materials.

QC Department are responsible for the testing of raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, intermediate products and finished products, including routine physical and chemical index testing, content testing, microbial testing, heavy metal, pesticide residues and plasticizer and other hazardous ingredients.
Our testing center includes: physical and chemical testing room (2 rooms), precision instrument room (2 rooms), microbial testing room, weighing room, finished product sample retention room, raw material sample retention room, reagent room and other inspection and operation rooms. Equipped with High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (5 sets, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatograph, Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer, Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer, Thin Layer Detector, Sartotius one over one hundred thousand Electronic Balance, Super Clean Bench, Biological Safety Cabinet, Automatic Kieldahl Apparatus, Thermostatic Drier Box, Autoclave etc.

All testing equipment are regularly inspected according to national regulations, and used within the validity period of qualified appraisal. t present, our testing instruments can meet all product testing for the physical/chemical characteristics showed in product specification. Every batch of product must be sampled and tested by Acetar’s professional quality control team.
Our Advanced Detection Device