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2019-July, Project with China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited (stock code: 2319)

In 2019, based on the observation of consumer consumption scenarios, and combined with the big data research of online consumers.
China Mengniu Dairy plans to develop a yoghurt that can dispel the effects of liquor for the health care market. According to this demand, Acetar's R&D team recommended Kudzu Root Extract for this project, since it have been listed as the homology of medicine and food, a very safe ingredient. [Compendium of Materia Medica] also recorded: The whole body of Kudzu can dispel the effects of liquor, both of Kudzu's root, seed and flower can dispel the effects of liquor. So kudzu root can help relieve the discomfort of drinking.
In the beginning, this project was facing challenges since the the taste of Kudzu is bitter, our R&D team assisted Mengniu did a lot experiments to improve the texture, adjust the flavor, bitter taste masking, so as to effectively masked the bitter taste of kudzu root.
In the same year, Acetar successively passed the business audit of YILI Group (stock code:600887) and Mengniu Dairy Company Limited (stock code: 2319), formed a development alliance and carry out cooperation in many aspects.