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Marigold Extract

Latin name:
• Tagetes erecta L
• 5%~80% Lutein (HPLC/UV)
• 5%~70% Zeaxanthin (HPLC)
• 5%~90% Lutein Ester (UV)
• Powder, CWS Powder, Beadlets, Oil, Crystal
Part Used:
• The flowers of Tagetes erecta L.
• cGMP, ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000, Kosher, Halal

1. Description of Marigold Flower Extract

Marigold Extract is the flowers extract of Tagetes erecta L, produced by fermentation, extraction, concentration, drying and other processes. The main active ingredients are Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Lutein ester, mainly used in pharmaceutical, health products, food additives and feed fields.

Tagetes erecta L. is an annual herb, 50~150cm tall with yellow tubular flowers, flowering period from July to September. Marigolds are native to Mexico and can be found throughout China. Can grow in the altitude of 1150 meters to 1480 meters, mostly in the roadside meadow. It is the main raw material for extracting lutein and carotenoid, the average content of yellow pigment is not less than 12 grams per kilogram, this pigment is a natural pigment without pollution.

2. Marigold Extract Specifications We Are Offering

Zeaxanthin Powder 5%/ 10%/20% HPLC
Oil 10%/20%
Crystal 60%/70%
Lutein Powder 5%/10%/ 20% HPLC/UV
CWS Powder 5%/ 10%
Beadlets 5%/10%
Oil 10%/ 20%
Crystal 75%/ 80%
Lutein Ester Powder 5%/10%/ 20% UV
CWS Powder 5%/ 10%
Beadlets 5%/10%
Oil 10%/ 20%
Crystal 80%/85%/ 90%

3. Our Raw Material Sup3.Marigold Extract ply Advantage

We have established stable cooperations with flower suppliers, local governments and farmers to ensure the supply of raw materials and the stability of the industrial chain. Innovative procurement mode, reduce procurement costs, according to the content of the acquisition, improve the unit output and content of flowers.

tagetes erecta extract supplier -Acetar

4. Marigold Extract Large-scale, Continuous, Automated cGMP Production Line

We have continuous, large-scale, automatic processing production line with large processing capacity, all production lines are in accordance with GMP standards to ensure product quality and safety.  The whole process is controlled by active ingredients content, with high yield and low processing cost.

marigold flower extract lutein manufacturer -Acetar

5. Marigold Extract Reliable Quality Control

We have a professional QA&QC team and laboratory, advanced testing instruments, thorough quality inspection system. Every batch of product must be sampled and tested by Acetar’s professional quality control team.

tagetes erecta lutein factory -Acetar

6. Marigold Extract USA Stock & After-Sale Service

We keeping large stock in our USA warehouse regularly, a swift turnaround is available for you anytime.

We providing 100% satisfaction worry-free after sale service. If there is any concern about after-sale, Acetar will take responsibility and provide solution for 100% satisfaction . Or any other technical information needed, our engineer & QA will always stand with you.

marigold extract for eyes-Acetar