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American Ginseng Extract

Latin name:
Radix Quinquefolii
• 10%~80% saponins
Part Used:
• The root of Radix Quinquefolii
• cGMP, ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000, Kosher, Halal

1. Description of American Ginseng Extract

The American Ginseng Extract produced by Acetar uses the root of Radix Quinquefolii as raw material, extracted and concentrated and processed into a powder by spray drying technology. stable character, easy to be quickly absorbed by the human body. It can be used as raw materials for medical nutrition, health care products and dietary supplements.

American ginseng is a perennial herb of Araliaceae, mainly grown in the United States, Canada and other North American countries. American ginseng has the functions of improving immunity, enhancing body function, delaying aging and beautifying the skin. The root of American ginseng is cylindrical or spindle-shaped; the leaves are broadly ovate or obovate, with coarse serrations on the edge; the inflorescence is umbellate, green and bell-shaped; the petals are green and white, and the anthers are ovate or oblong; the berries are oblate, ripe Bright red at the time, American ginseng was first discovered in the forests along the Atlantic coast of the Montreal area. Modern medical research has proved that American ginseng has the functions of anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-shock, improving thinking, improving memory, regulating endocrine, enhancing human immunity and improving cardiovascular function. American ginseng is a high-level health product that improves immunity and is suitable for all ages.

2. American Ginseng Extract's Large-scale, Continuous, Automated cGMP Production Line

We have continuous, large-scale, automatic processing production line with large processing capacity, all production lines are in accordancewith GMP standards to ensure product quality and safety. The whole process is controlled by active ingredients content, with high yield andlow processing cost.

American Ginseng Extract Manufacturer

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