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2016.3.11-13, Anaheim, USA, Natural Products Expo West, Booth Number:#761

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ACETAR BIO-TECH INC invites you to participate

Natural Product Expo West, as the world's largest natural health products exhibition, has a history of more than 30 years. It is divided into two sessions, the East and the West. It is the only exhibition in the world where you can see raw materials, ingredients and finished products. Every year, it attracts many buyers from the United States, Europe, Asia, South America and even Africa to negotiate and exchange. It is listed as one of the top 50 fairs in the United States with high visibility and growth potential. Relying on the huge nutrition and health industry market in the United States, the exhibition has become the best platform for purchasing best-selling food and health products in North America. It is also a platform for many natural food and health product brand giants in the United States to compete for exhibition.





At the exhibition, Li Tao, general manager of Acetar, Zhao Wenjuan, manager of international sales department, and Chen Lin, head of the American market,made contact with many foreign customers, talking about the phytochemistry industry in food supplements to add on the basis of applications and requirements to provide clients with tailor-made information solution, not only to further consolidate the company has been in the cooperation, At the same time, it has also attracted and mined a large number of potential customers, which has laid a solid foundation for further expanding the international market.

On March 13, 2016, the exhibition came to a successful conclusion. Based on the harvest and achievements during the exhibition, Mr. Li Tao, the general manager of our company, made the decision of "continue to visit customers and promote in-depth cooperation", and in the following five days, he took pains to visit more than a dozen well-known cooperative customers. Among them are Novel Ingredients Inc, Markovit Inc, Bactolac Pharmaceutical Inc, Greenwood Inc, RV PHARMA, Mtc Industries Inc, and Amax Nutrasource, Aidp Inc, Captek Softgel, International Vitamin Coporation, Herbalife, Creative Engergy Foods, Health Care Inc and many other well-known companies.

This exhibition company to broaden the vision, open mentality, learning advanced, exchanges and cooperation, make full use of the participation opportunity, and to visit customers and companies to communicate,negotiation, not only to further understand the product characteristics and market demand in the United States, and improve their product structure, but also greatly enhance the company brand visibility and influence, It laid the foundation for the company's operation in the American market in the future. Of course, the exhibition also made our company find its weak links. In the future, Acetar will surely go through trials and hardships to strive for greater success in the American market!