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Dandelion Flavonoid

Latin name:
Taraxacum mongolicum Hand.- Mazz.
• 5% Flavone
• 5:1, 10:1, 20:1
Part Used:
• The leaves of Taraxacum mongolicum Hand.- Mazz.
• cGMP, ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000, Kosher, Halal

1. Description of Dandelion Flavonoid Powder

Dandelion Flavonoid is the dried leaves extract of Taraxacum mongolicum Hand.- Mazz. It is free flowing powder with characteristic odor and taste. Widely used in pharmaceutical, health care products, dietary supplements fields. 

Dandelion is a kind of edible and medicinal plant, which is rich in nutrients, mainly including flavonoids, triterpenoids, polysaccharides and so on. Flavonoids in dandelion can remove free radicals and reactive oxygen species, thus reducing the damage to the body. More than 10 kinds of phenols and flavonoids were isolated from leaves, flowers, roots and stems of dandelion, and the contents of flavonoids in leaves is the highest. The main specification is 5%-10%, brown fine powder, the main extraction process is: raw material extraction, purification, concentration, spray drying. Dandelion extract has been used to improve liver and gallbladder obstruction, improve liver function, promote biliary secretion and use as a diuretic.Dandelion flavonoid supplier-AcetarDandelion flavonoid manufacturer-AcetarDandelion flavonoid factory-Acetar