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Cranberry PAC

Latin name:
Vaccinium Macrocarpon L.
• 1%~25% Anthocyanidins (UV)
• 1%~60% Proanthocyanidins (UV)
• 5:1, 10:1, 20:1
• juice powder
Part Used:
• The fruits of Vaccinium Macrocarpon L.
• cGMP, ISO22000, HACCP, FSSC22000, Kosher, Halal

1. Description of Cranberry PAC Powder

Cranberry Proanthocyanidins Powder is the fruits extract of Vaccinium Macrocarpon L. It is free flowing powder with characteristic odor and taste. Widely used in health care products, dietary supplements, food additives, functional drinks fields.

The most widely known active ingredient in cranberry is proanthocyanidin, which is the active ingredient and has rich medicinal value. But there's more to cranberries than that. They're also rich in polyphenols, ascorbic acid, and triterpenoids. These active ingredients can remove excess free radicals to prevent or reduce oxidative damage to cell structures. Cranberries are vital in medicine to prevent cardiovascular disease, aging, diabetes, inflammation and other chronic diseases. It is thought that what distinguishes cranberries from other berry fruits is that they are rich in proanthocyanidins, which have health benefits, antioxidants and anti-aging properties, cranberries are recommended as a daily edible fruit in the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.cranberry pac manufacturer-Acetarcranberry pac factory-Acetarbest cranberry pac-Acetar